Aci Mangung ceremony

Special Program combination of staying in the village to know more culture of Balinese village people, stay amongts the family and attended special ceremony event once a year in traditional Balinese village of Bugbug Village, Karangasem.

It's about 5 Days / 4 Nights Special Program taken apart on 06 - 10 July 2017. We offer limited space for maximum four participants in this special program.

Limited space for only 2 - 6 paxs

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Galungan cdelebration package

In every sixth month Balinese people celebrate special event called "Galungan", this ceremony is the symbol of the winning of dharma again adharma ( battle of good and bad in ourself). To introduce rich of the Balinese culture and knowing more of the preparation of the Galungan celebration, we offer you special package with limited space availabe. Next October will be the next Galungan ceremony are held and we offer you special package from 28 - 31 October to stay in the village and involve together with village people and family for preparation of the Galungan celebration.

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